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Students Corner

Welcome to Students Corner! 

Here we are showcasing poetry and creative writing by our students. 

Random Thoughts P2   |  Adrian

I am not genius

            like Albert Einstein

            but I know

            how to make toast

I am not as great as my friend

            but if you need an opinion

            I can tell you about how to lose brain cells

            because I’m an expert at that

I am not the river

            if you drop a rock in me

            I won’t ripple

I am not as plain as water

            the opposite of chilli

            I burn like ashes

            after a bush fire

I am a brain turned

            off for 4.5 business days

I am tired like a panda sleeping

I am a god like Beerus

            going round deciding whether to destroy universes

I am omnipresent like the sky

            because the sky’s everywhere

I am omnipotent

            like the world breaker Hulk

            when he gets angry

            he gets stronger and stronger

like a steel beam


Core   |  Carter

The sun slowly gets hotter and hotter all the time

the surface is 6000 degrees Celsius

it generates heat / radiates energy from the core.

the core inside me is a positive temperature

so small you have to zoom in with something

further than a microscope.

The heat would tear our bodies apart

if it wasn’t pushing against gravity

would crush us into smithereens.

The core would be black

at night your body stores life

unlike day when the body burns off food

like pizza (which my Mum never gets.)

My fourth favourite food is two-minute noodles

(because you only have to cook them for two-minutes.)

Our core doesn’t emit enough to heat two-minute noodles.

Our bodies are a millionth dense as the sun,

the sun is way less dense than the earth.

Only stomach acid digests, nothing else.

How can you digest sadness?

It’s an emotion. This face means neutral

(not happy or anything.)

The sun slowly gets hotter

all the time.


Future  |  Daniel

In the future

the rain will fall, I will

dream of hail

ice will replace rain.

In the future PS20

(all games) will be cross platform

no more lag.

In the future

breakfast will be plentiful.

In the future

we will travel in trains

that are metal lines

attached to magnets.

In the future

I’d like to make a career

playing games.

In the future

the sky will be as blue

as it is now.

In the future

my hands will be bigger

I’ll be able to grab

something from the top shelf.

In the future

water will be scarce.

In the future

we will all live in underground houses

we will have the technology

to make more food.

In the future

I will be taller




Dogs  |  Peter

I love my dogs

they’re cuter

than an angel

I love my Mum

her hugs are warm

as the sun

I love my Dad

he protects me from

people who pick on me




I want to know what’s wrong with the Demon Race  |  Kyre

Dark as the sky at midnight

More evil than the government

Crazy like a psycho murderer

Howl like a pack of wolves

Use magic to fight

Now I know




The Wind   |   Anonymous

is air

for us to breathe

or we can survive on

water and food.

The wind dreams of being human

having magical powers

it sleeps on the moon in space

kind of goes through your body

like cold water from the beach

sounds like a whistle

stabbing through my ear.




Killing Spiders  |  Carter

is wrong.

What have ants done to humans?

We need bees

to keep the environment healthy

make food

(imagine a world without bees)

however when it stings it hurts.

Do not enslave insects. Don’t touch them

might damage their bodies

(slavery is bad.)

If a spider is on your face

slap it sideways.

Have you killed insects?

Are there rivers in heaven?

Ants only live a couple of days.

Do flies annoy you?

When they squished

they become a disgrace.

Cockroaches are the worst

(don’t die easily.)

If an elephant stepped on a cockroach

would the cockroach die?

You know a cockroach has survived

by how many medals they have.

Do caterpillars become moths?

They’re butterflies but darker.

What if humans had wings?

I’d be a bee

flying with fat wings

(they don’t care about the laws.)



Vampire House

By Kyre

One stormy night, three friends called Peter, Austin and Brody were on a trip. Sadly, their car broke down, they were lost and tapped in the storm.

They saw an open doorway to a scary house.

The house was dripping blood. It was old and stunk like rotten, decaying flesh. They went in anyway to get out of the rain. The lads were greeted at the door by Kyre, Tyla, Luke and Johnny.

Once in the house they were shown around. Some thing didn`t seem right, it looked like there was a secret chamber. When they least expected it, Kyre and Tyla and Johnny leaped onto the table then onto the boy`s necks and drank their blood. Lisa laughed.

After the hideous sound of Lisa`s laughter died out, the three boys began to feel strange. They had an insatiable hunger for blood DING-DONG! The doorbell was ringing again. Brody ran to answer, he greeted Michelle M, Emily, Tim L and Tim G.

Brody, Peter and Austin didn`t know that the people at the door were actually vampire HUNTERS!

 Tim G asked Body “Excuse me mate, how many people are home?’’

Peter jumped in to answer Tim G “there are 8 vampires in this house…”

Whoops! He had just told Tim G and the vampire hunters that there were vampire in the house.

GET DOWN! Screamed Michelle M (Eminem) as she fired an antitank grenade in to the house. The house became engulfed in fierce, rolling flames unfortunately, the vampires were very quick and they all ran out. As Tim L chased them with a whipper snipper out toward the beach, the sun came out and they all fried like KFC chicken.


Blood Moon

By Kyre 

One dark wet evening a group of friends named Carter, Chad, Quinn, Bred, Adam and Paul were walking in the woods. It was going to be a great weekend, nothing could go wrong…

In the distance now, howling could be heard.  They thought it was only a dog. As the howling became louder and closer, and in the bushes a figurre could be seen.  Suddenly, with eyes as black as the night, the figure leapt out and landed on Carter! 

Warm drool dripped on Carter’s face. The beast’s breath smelt like death and with one quick bite, sharp teeth sunk into Carter`s neck. Flesh was ripped away and blood was flying everywhere. Screams could be heard through the forest. The friends looked at each other in horror. 

“RUNN!!!” Screamed Quinn, “I can take this beast on”. Quinn dropped into a low stance, flexed his biceps and yelled “Come at me, let me see what you got!"  

The wolf accepted this challenge and lunged at Quinn. Quinn blocked the attack and checked the damage. Blood was running down his arm. The wolf lunged again and Quinn got him in a headlock. The wolf howled and soon 6 more wolves showed up.

They all attacked at once... Quinn was outnumbered.

The seven werewolves surrounded him, as his tears streamed down his face and he realised he had lost.  His cries sounded like a school girl who dropped her ice cream.  The whole circle of wolves descended on Quinn as he exploded in a fountain of blood and gore.  The others regrouped in the woods when they could no longer hear the screams. 

Brad said in a roar, “We need a plan to destroy these wolves!" 

Chad interrupted "Why don`t we set traps up in that empty house over there?”

Adam added ”I have silver bullet.  We could shoot wolves from the window!  “Great idea” said Paul Murray.  All four of them rushed to the house to get set up. When got to the house they set up very quickly. Chad dropped a freshly killed bleeding cow on the doorstep.  “This will attract the wolves “said Paul.


 They heard the hungry wolves were fast approaching.